White Rice Serum

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This White Rice Serum contains natural ingredients that promotes cell growth, minimizes pores significantly and keeps the skin smooth and bright. Its natural ingredients include white rice germ essence from natural gluten-free white rice, which has been known to heal acne and reduce inflammation and redness, help nourish, hydrate and replenish skin.

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If you are battling with acne scars, dark spots, redness and blemishes on your face, this is the perfect product for you. Using this serum will leave your face rejuvenated with even toned skin, bright and blemish free after just a few weeks.

White rice also contains antioxidants and other natural proteins which helps restore your skin’s elasticity and prevents from sun damage and pollutants. It also fights signs of aging and fine lines, replenishing the skin for a more youthful look.

No need to worry about skin dryness any longer. Enjoy a soft and moisturized skin from now on. This product easily absorbs into skin leaving it soft and non-greasy with a light fragrance. Enjoy an airbrushed look everyday using this serum.

Review Results from our customers:
After 5 Weeks Of Use:

  • 90% reported their skin appeared brighter
  • 97% reported their skin felt smooth and soft
  • 86% reported their acne/redness were cleared!

How To Use:

  • Wash your face and tone
  • Squeeze 1 to 2 drops of white rice serum in your palm and rub palms or use a cotton
  • Gently apply it to your face with palm or cotton in circular motion until it absorbs into your skin.
  • Use twice a day (morning and night) to get the best result.
  • Start seeing major difference in skin clarity after 2 weeks of use.