Cosmetic Deal


Cosmetic Deal
26 Different Products in Deal

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1 Piece Ouyin Eyeshadow
1 Piece Ouyin Brick highlighter
1 Piece Fair n Lovely mediam Shade Foundation
1 Piece BAURSDE Whitening Cream
1 Piece Aloevera spray Primer
1 Piece Aloevera Fixing Spray
1 Piece Images Aloevera Jell
1 Piece Colour Castle Highlighter
1 Piece Colour Castle 4in1 Blushon
3 Pieces Colour Castle LollyPop Glitter Liner / Gloss
1 Piece Lips Lip Balm
1 Piece Ultra Beauty 5in1 Matte Lipstick
1 Piece Sexy Baby 4in1 Matte Long Lasting Lipgloss
2 Pieces Hand Cream
1 Piece Kaliya Beauty 2in1 Makeup Cleansing Jell
1 Piece Noor Alawazi Eyelash
1 Piece Bio Aqua Lip Mask
1 Piece Ultra Beauty Stick On French Nails
3 Piece Huda Beauty Nail Polish
1 Piece Foot Double Sided Pumice with Brush
1 Piece Facial Hair Band
4 Pieces Cotton Swab Lip Glaze Tint
9 Pieces Face Brushes Set
1 Piece Ultra Beauty Blending Puff Soft
1 Piece Nail Sticker
1 Piece Bath Sponge

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